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Let It Shine Cleaning Company
262 West Kathy Street
Stayton, Oregon 97383
Phone: 503.930.2446
Email: info@letitshinecleaning.com

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Let it Shine Cleaning Company in Keizer, Oregon
Let It Shine Cleaning
These services are done each time we clean your home:

Bathrooms (cleaned and shined)
  • Toilets, inside and out
  • Sinks, counter tops, and toiletries
  • Hard water stain removal from sinks and toilets
  • Mirrors (within reach), and all chrome fixtures
  • Light fixtures dusted off
  • Shower/bathtub and surroundings
  • Carpet/rugs vacuumed
  • Floors
  • Woodwork and switch plates
  • Trash emptied

    Kitchen and Dining Areas (cleaned and shined)
  • Microwave, inside and out
  • Sinks, back splash and counter tops
  • Stove tops, drip pans and range hood
  • Outside of appliances
  • Table tops
  • Light fixtures/chandelier (within reach) dusted
  • Bar stool seats and backs
  • Woodwork and switch plates
  • Small kitchen window above sink
  • Window sills
  • Chrome fixtures
  • Canisters and knick knacks
  • Floors
  • Trash emptied

    Living and Sleeping Areas (cleaned and shined)
  • Wood furniture dusted or polished
  • Mirrors and glass furniture
  • Unmade beds neatly made up
  • Linens changed on pre-stripped beds
  • Trash emptied
  • Picture frames and fronts
  • Window sills
  • Woodwork and switch plates wiped for fingerprints
  • Washer/dryer wiped off
  • Slider glass door and lower window areas wiped for fingerprints/smudges
  • All hard surface floors vacuumed/swept/mopped
  • All carpet within sight vacuumed
  • Newspapers, books, and magazines straightened up

    In addition to the services provided each time, these services are done on a rotating basis:

    Bathrooms (cleaned and shined)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Cabinet fronts
  • Mildew removed from tile grouting
  • Baseboards dusted off

    Kitchen and Dining Areas (cleaned and shined)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Cabinet fronts
  • Baseboards dusted off
  • Chairs wiped down, top to bottom

    Living and Sleeping Areas (cleaned and shined)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Baseboards dusted off
  • Telephones wiped and disinfected
  • Ceiling fans dusted (within reach)

    In addition to these services provided each time, and the rotation basis list, we offer you these "Extras upon Request." Let us know when you need these done and we will be happy to accommodate your request - FREE!
    1. Inside of refrigerator wiped down
    2. Blinds dusted
    3. Stereo components dusted
    4. Furniture vacuumed/brushed
    5. Louvered doors dusted
    6. Toaster or toaster oven crumbs removed
    7. Lamp shades vacuumed/brushed off
    8. Doors wiped down
    9. Towels changed (if left out)
    10. Edge vacuuming
    11. Windows (lower inside only)